Hi There!

This blog is my personal blog about software engineering topics that interest me, particularly in the context of the combination of my two hobbies: Developing web/cloud applications, and Role-playing.

I have almost 30 years professional experience in the field of real-time distributed software engineering, from starting out in the telecom industry, to 20 years developing and managing algorithmic trading applications in Investment Banks, to my current role as head of engineering for Point of Sale systems at a large global payments provider.

You can imagine that in my day-job I no longer spend any time actually coding, but I have always worked on keeping my technical skill-set up-to-date, partly because I firmly believe that is necessary to be a modern technology leader, but also quite simply because I enjoy it! Little in life is more grounding and relaxing to me than firing up my IDE and creating software.

When that interest can be combined with another of my passions, role-playing games, well the enjoyment is double!

I also blog about Fantasy Role-playing Games at: tolrendor-world.net